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    Healthy Selfies

    Encourage your child to keep fit, stay healthy, and send a 'healthy selfie' to school!

    To encourage the children to stay active and healthy whilst learning from home during this latest lockdown we would like to invite you to submit a ‘Healthy Selfie’ picture that we can put onto our Oakfield website! You can email photos to your child’s class teacher, and copy to Please use the title ‘healthy selfie’ on your email.

    You can view our healthy selfies by clicking here: Healthy Selfies

    Your class teacher will be putting PE lessons on Google Classroom that the children can take part in.  You will also find some ideas listed below. These will all aim to work towards the government target of 60 Active Minutes a day.

    Normally school is responsible for offering chances for 30 Active Minutes in the form of break & lunchtime play and things like Daily Mile runs and children are expected to complete the remaining 30mins while at home, as part of their walk/cycle to school or at a community sports club/session.  While some of these things can't be done at the moment this target is still going to be very important not just to keep children active, but also to help maintain the whole family's mental & physical health by doing something different, active and hopefully outdoors where possible. 

    At Oakfield we follow the GetSet4PE scheme and you can get involved at home by taking part in a fun game and writing the games you have played on your ‘Active Calendar’:


    Other recommendations:

    • Want to challenge yourself and see where you place against children from all over Surrey? Take part in the South Surrey virtual challenge! All participants need to do to take part is complete this incredibly short form
    • The Joe Wicks physical activity sessions are back, this time at 9am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You can find them on his "Bodycoach" Youtube channel and they are particularly good for children of all ages and adults alike for working at a medium to high intensity for 20-30mins:

    • Cosmic Kids Yoga is another option for YouTube based physical activity as well mindfulness training. This is more of a low-medium intensity activity and particularly good for lower KS2 with yoga moves put to a story or theme to make it more engaging:

    • The Change 4 Life pages are also very good for all round advice and ideas for maintaining a healthy lifestyle - games, recipes, activities and information about healthy living. The 10minute Shake Up games are great for finding something fun to do as a break in your on-line learning and working towards your 60 Active Minutes:
    • Go Noodle is worth a visit for some energising Dance videos to follow and dance to, with the Blazer Fresh crew being particularly fun and not needing much space

    Don’t forget to submit a Healthy Selfie 

    Keep smiling & stay active! 

    Mrs King, Sports Leader

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