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Oakfield Junior

Oakfield Junior

    Year 3 Outdoor Learning

    Year 3 children have been using items found in our woodland area to inspire them to create a fictional character 'The Gruncher' and write descriptive paragraphs about it. 

    'The Gruncher' by Harper-Avery

    The Gruncher has beetroot red eyes.

    The Gruncher has smooth eyes.

    The Gruncher has round eyes.

    The Gruncher has a fluffy nose.

    The Gruncher has a fiery, slimy mouth

    The Gruncher has bulging eyes

    The Gruncher has a flaming nose. 


    'The Gruncher' by Arthur

    One misty morning the Gruncher opened his eyes of fiery red. His smoking nose smelt human flesh and his flaming tummy rumbled. The Gruncher opened his fiery, flaming mouth and let out a roar that echoed through the treetops.


    'The Gruncher' by Bradley

    The Gruncher has multi-coloured eyes. He has a shiny nose. The Gruncher has a slender mouth


    Click here to view photos of our Grunchers

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